Engine daily maintenance four steps

Due to the complexity of the use environment of the automobile, the engine used for a period of time after, into the dust and impurities in the engine room will lead to the formation of harmful substances such as carbon and colloidal deposition on the surface of the engine, if not cleaned for a long time, these harmful substances will be transformed into sludge, infiltration on the surface of the engine, not only will cause metal parts rust, plastic parts of aging deformation, but also bring the increase of fuel consumption and reduce the engine power, even for the oxidation of various and damage to the engine. So, the car engine maintenance should act immediately.

1 regular replacement of oil and filter

Any quality grade lubricating oil used in the process of oil will change. After a certain mileage, the performance deterioration, will bring a variety of problems to the engine. In order to avoid the occurrence of the fault, should be combined with the conditions of use regular oil, and moderate oil. The oil from the pores of the filter when the solid particles in oil and viscous material accumulated in the filter. Such as filter plugging, oil, not through the filter, burst filter or open the safety valve, from the bypass valve through, still the dirt back to lubrication part, make the engine wear and internal pollution intensifies.

2 keep the crankcase ventilation well

Now most of the gasoline engine is equipped with positive crankcase ventilation equipment to promote engine ventilation, but channeling gas pollutants “around the deposition in the crankcase forced ventilation device, the valve plug. If the crankcase forced ventilation device and blockage of polluted air reverse flow air filter, filter pollution, the ability to filter, reduce inhaled mixed gas is too dirty, caused further pollution of the crankcase, resulting in increased fuel consumption, engine wear increase, even damage the engine. Therefore, the need to regularly maintain, remove the crankcase ventilation device around the pollutants.

3 regular cleaning crankcase

Engine in operation process, combustion chamber pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxide by the gap between piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase in, and parts wear of metal powder mixed together, to form sludge. When the amount of oil suspended in the oil, the amount of large oil from the separation of oil, plug the filter and oil hole, causing engine lubrication difficult, causing wear and tear. Moreover, oil in high temperature oxidation generating film and product carbon bond on the piston, the engine fuel consumption increases, power loss, serious when the stuck piston rings and cylinder. Therefore, the regular use of the lubrication system efficient and quick cleaning agent cleaning the crankcase, to keep the engine clean inside.truck tyre

4 regular cleaning fuel system

Fuel oil through oil supplied to the combustion process, inevitably will lead to the formation of the glial and carbon, in the oil and oil filter, fuel injectors and combustion chamber deposit down, the fuel flow disturbance, destruction of normal air fuel ratio, poor fuel atomization, resulting in engine to breathe shake, blasting vibration, idle instability, poor acceleration and other performance problems. Use the fuel system powerful and efficient cleaning agent to clean the fuel system, and regularly use the fuel system powerful and efficient cleaning agent to control the generation of carbon, can always keep the engine in the best condition.

Removal of odor in car

Summer is a rainy season, the car go out often to wet in the rain, a long time will emit a smell, let people smell really uncomfortable, also will affect the owner’s health.

1, usually have time owners can be pulled into a sunny place, open all doors and windows, let the car in the sun disinfection can appropriate spray cleaning agent, but the exposure time can not be too long, ten minutes, so that the taste of the car is cleaned, but also to take advantage of this check parts.truck tyre

2, you can put a bottle of perfume on the car, this can appropriately reduce some of the car smell, but the best choice for perfume is light, such as: jasmine.

3, we all know that bamboo charcoal baked adsorption, can absorb moisture and other effects of deodorization, so each car owner can try in the car placed bamboo charcoal bags, wet time but also to a little. The flavor is not heavy, is a good thing to carry with the car.

There is also a more suitable for the owners who do not have the time, is often go to repair shop to do the interior clean, but it is more time-consuming, but convenient.

Spring car maintenance essential knowledge

One, car two filter timely clean-up

Auto parts if is too dirty, it will lead to poor filtration effect, too many impurities into the oil cylinder, increased mechanical wear, the possibility of increasing failure occurred, serious word will also lead to vehicle can not work normally.

1 air cleaner

In the use of the car, the general air quality is good, according to the maintenance cycle of regular replacement air filter can be. But poor air quality, it is necessary to pay attention to clean the air filter, if the air filter is too dirty, will enable to reduction of the amount of air in the cylinder, causing the decrease of the dynamic performance of the car, not to mention speed up.

2 air conditioning filter

Air filter in the use of the process to regularly clean or replace, or clogged filter will prevent and reduce air enters into the steam box, air conditioning although large, but still do not feel cold, some of the vehicle will be odor.

Two, clean radiator and fan

Influence by the willow catkins, automotive water tank radiator attached to the many catkins and dust, looking at these weak not the wind “small white” mixed with dust will make the radiator of the adverse, resulting in engine water temperature too high, fault, serious will result in automobile parts of the early damage, so the spring catkins suggest that owners of a friend must be cleaned on a regular basis about vehicle’s cooling system.

Cleaning attention not only to clean up the water tank of the surface dust, and don’t come up and then rinse with water, because the high pressure water is likely to catkins and dust and mud, rushed to the more difficult to clean the place. Correct method should be the first water tank fixing screw loose, will be carefully inside and outside of the water tank with high pressure air blowing the net, and then water rinse.

Three, replacement of summer oil

The engine is the heart of the car, and that oil is the heart of the blood, so the replacement of oil on time, the maintenance of the car is very important. Use of the four seasons general oil is the best choice, but for the winter particularly cold or summer particularly hot places, according to the season of winter oil or summer oil to engine better.

Because of the low viscosity of the oil used in winter, the need to change in the spring, which is conducive to good engine operation.

Four. Add glass cleaner in time.

Glass cleaning agents are generally classified into winter and summer, summer glass cleaning agent is in the cleaning fluid increased insect adhesive composition, can be cleared quickly hit the flies residues on the windshield. Winter frost glass cleaning fluid to minus 20 DEG C and minus 40 DEG C two, meaning that under the environment of minus 20 DEG C can normal use, minus 40 DEG C glass cleaning agent suitable for cold areas in the north of our country use.truck tyre

Five, check the wiper is aging

With the increasing of the spring rain, wiper rate will increase accordingly, affected by low temperature in winter, the wiper rubber strip will be aging, leading to the wiper to clean the windshield rain. So we have to windscreen wiper rubber strip check, if it is found that the wiper does not completely clear water, windscreen wiper rubber strip replacement.

Selection method of wiper for wiper

Wiper is an important guarantee for the US rain and snow weather driving safety. Therefore, we must carefully the purchase and maintenance of the wiper motor, it is responsible for ourselves and the car.truck tyre

1) confirm the wiper connection mode and specification. Support rod connecting the wiper arm, some of the arm is fixed by screws to the rocker arm, some are made with a convex locking clasp. The model of the wiper used for the vehicle can be used for reference with the manual of the vehicle.

2) the rain wiper rubber is aging. Will the wiper pull up, with fingers in cleaning the rubber rain on scraping strip touch, if the leaf aging, hardening and crack, the rain wiper unqualified.

3) the speed of the wiper is maintained at different speeds. Place wiper switch at various speed positions, especially in case of intermittent work, whether the wiper maintains a certain speed.

4) check the water scraper state. If the contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface can not completely fit, resulting in wipe remains, then the wiper is not qualified.

5) the motor has no abnormal noise. If the wiper motor “buzz” and does not rotate, indicating that the wiper for mechanical transmission parts rust or stuck in place, at this time should be immediately shut down the rain wiper switch, to prevent burning motor.

Summer hot sun rainstorm and more traffic safety matters

1 parking attention to avoid light

Outside in the summer high temperature, sunlight came in, the temperature inside the car will be more high! When you open the door, a heat wave hit, indescribably afflictive. There are also a lot of friends raised similar to shake the door of such a solution. But when the car was drying, the damage had already begun.. Vehicle has a lot of plastic and rubber products, has long been the sun on, very easy to cause aging, affect the service life! Tire is similarly! More important is the car in a variety of electronic components, is also very afraid of the sun. So don’t let the sun go on..

2 pay attention to your tire pressure

Summer is a high incidence of events. Temperature of the tire becomes fragile! As winter strong! So now should frequently check the tire pressure! So summer tire pressure should be what is appropriate? In fact, generally speaking, front tire 2.2-2.3, 2.3-2.4 of fetus can! Too much, too little, will cause a blowout! We must pay attention to!

3 on the car first open the window open air conditioning

Time getting on a car must be very uncomfortable, everybody knows this, but even so, also don’t be in a hurry to open air conditioning, first open the windows for ventilation, and let the heat is dissipated in the open air, the effect is not only good and the air is better! On the body and car are good!

4 explosive goods don’t leave

Some riders may be smokers, usually drive doesn’t love car ignition! So is always prepared with a lighter. Summer, the lighter can don’t put in the car, under the condition of high temperature is highly explosive, explosion consequences will be there are many, the worst possible will lead to car natural conditions. So we have to be careful!

5 air conditioning temperature is not too low

In general, the air conditioning temperature is the highest than the outdoor temperature of 6 degrees can be! In recent years, a lot of new diseases, like, air conditioning disease “. Human body is actually unable to withstand the temperature difference between the special big change! Endocrine system is the adjustment will not come over! Again, air conditioning will affect the car driving!!

6 fuel tanks not space

If the fuel tank is empty, it will lead to air resistance inside the mailbox, increase the gas resistance will let the vehicle stalled. This is why many riders reflect car in summer flameout reason of! Is suggested: oil table below one-third to add some oil, but also do not want to fill. Always let the vehicle oil maintained at around two thirds is the best! Also need to pay attention to is, if in the driving process stalled the, to check the oil can open the fuel tank scattered radiation. Over half an hour at the start of the vehicle.truck tyre

Wedding style classification

The wedding can be divided into type, princess skirt type, close type and queen four categories in the style.

Princess Wedding

The design mainly has skirt and multilayer yarn, make the bride look lovely and cute little woman yet;

Skirt type wedding

Mainly to tighten the waist and full skirt. The waist can be just at the waist, can also be slightly lower, even can be placed close to the hip position. This style of dress is equipped with stereotypes with petticoat;cheap prom dress

Personal type wedding

This class is very simple, according to the narrow tailoring placed body curve is a minimalist design, don’t slip. Mostly made of fabrics that has wonderful and flagging feeling. Personal type wedding dress style is all, the most prominent body beauty and the most modern cropping patterns. Fishtail wedding dress in the knee or slightly lower open skirt is the most common variation version of this wedding dress;

Queen wedding

High waist is the most distinctive feature of the wedding. Close to the chest fit, skirt was slightly A-shaped, fully demonstrated in the shoulder and chest lines, on the waist and hip and also has good covering effect.

The characteristics of Korean wedding photography

Backing Concealer is very important, we must to the original skin defects completely covered. Then the foundation of different colors to decorate a face model, face to create a sense of three-dimensional, finally loose powder set makeup to prevent Tuozhuang. In the modification process, the Korean bride makeup will use pearl powder to brighten the face, in order to achieve the effect of the water of the skin moist, which is now the most popular in Korea Shuiguang makeup facial features of tracing and Korean bride makeup does not use a large number of color to scan, such as red, blue, green, usually to coral, meat pink, light coffee color, very light color eye makeup. South Korea bride makeup, although simple, but this does not mean that rough, every parts of the facial features to modification is not visible, it is best to see no makeup feeling.

Second: in the aspect of wedding dress

General Korean wedding (hang down feeling, smooth lines), Korean fashion (color is pure and fresh and simple style) or the ancient palace hanbok (elaborate). Traditional Korean wedding is mainly waist outfit is more special, chest tighten, sagging breasts naturally, suitable for covering the female figure flaws.

Third: in terms of headdress

More common headdress with crown all kings of the veil, the shy delicate, flower shaped hair ornaments, beads, crystal kind of small hairpin etc., in addition to the veil and the use of other accessories to appropriate to the small area of embellishment mainly, in the preservation of whole hair style is concise, the atmosphere at the same time, dotted by small accessories to enhance the layered haircut, rich sense and sense of fashion.cheap prom dress 

Fourth: in the hair

Hairstyle is changeful, can according to the bride’s face and the overall mix to determine hairstyle, but be succinct but not monotonous and refined atmosphere, have a certain level of sense of beauty of line!

Fifth: in the aspects of style

The lighting is more complex, emphasizing the characters with light stereo feeling. Modeling and scene is very concise. The use of deceptive digital background and different wedding dress, to be given priority to with elegant colors, graceful, innocent and sweet feeling.

Bridal gown with a perfect match

On the day of the wedding, the groom is also one of the main characters, so we will not will gaze on the bride and groom will be the object of concern, so the bridegroom’s dress is very important, when to pick a dress, not only to consider groom themselves, but also according to the bride’s dress to select, both must be perfect match, will reflect the sweet and harmonious feeling.

A black tuxedo, with geometric patterns with low fishtail wedding dress skirt vest

If the choice of the bride is fishtail wedding dress, then the groom’s best choose tailoring fitted tuxedo, will let the bridegroom looks more slender, with fishtail wedding dress and tuxedo is the perfect match.

Two, black collar men dress with beige multi-level cake skirt

A wedding dress and strengths and weaknesses and complement each other, men’s dress by coat eye-catching, ladies dress is on the lower part of the body campaign, each with dry autumn, visual focus on balancing.

Three, the classic black velvet suit men dress with ruffle big tail wedding

Black velvet suit classic and expensive big tail wedding match, gives people the feeling solemn. The whole lifting suede collar can do, relatively calm color and beautiful scenery unlimited bride.cheap prom dress

Four, the senior men’s dress with purple gray edge Wuhan minimalist Pearl Mermaid Wedding

Fishtail wedding dress and tailoring is just tailored tuxedo match, not only to avoid frivolous and superficial, but also let the wedding really become the elegant palace. Fishtail wedding dress and tuxedo, like intense blend between dresses and wedding.

With bra underwear

Generally wear Strapless underwear women occasions City grand, such as a wedding, large reception, programs such as, because wear Strapless underwear is relatively high, there is momentum, more important is a better match with FESCO, general such large and Grand Place everybody metropolis with a relaxed and comfortable mood and to participate in, in the clothing collocation FESCO general city will choose wrapped group, however underwear and match the most appropriate the stomacher type underwear, actually wear Strapless underwear most or in the wedding.cheap prom dress

Although the girls like to wear a skirt, but in the choice of bra underwear more anxious, choose Strapless afraid bra underwear fear embarrassing things purely, if the option with a shoulder strap underwear feel with FESCO collocation does not look good. Actually is the problem, if ran Phyl underwear is a gather type underwear is designed for wear crony of women and of the design, this bra underwear is seamless, fit physique, with good support and comfort of a slimming effect.

Gather the underwear belongs to one of the styles of the stomacher type underwear, which, of course, is recently a few years on the market sales of the best underwear, because it is a strapless dress, dress collocation and design, put on it than the general type of bra underwear any matter, does not appear to fall down feeling, but also make the chest fullness feeling, foil the lines of good figure.

Wearing a strapless underwear in the wedding ceremony to pay attention on the color should not be too bright, such as wear white dresses best not to mix pure black underwear, also not to mix red and bright red underwear, the best with FESCO’s color is similar, it is more appropriately. But also to prevent the embarrassing situation, wear too thin outerwear, underwear more transparent of SFSC is the same color is best not to cover FESCO color. Only in this way can I appear elegant style.

Wedding photography in the jewelry with a stress

How do Chinese dress collocation jewelry? Now a stock frenzy of Chinese style popular, let our wedding photography also began to go with Chinese characteristics of the classical style, brought more aesthetic results. Chinese wedding dress is usually in red based color, design is to satin material build XIAPEI feeling, create a more lively effect, in this dress collocation with Chinese characteristics of jewelry are very good. Whether it is jade, jade bracelets, or gold match, or with traditional color pattern of jewelry are able to form a very distinct effect.cheap prom dress

Of course, western style wedding dress or a lot of new people will like the and Western wedding dress is usually to represent the holy white, the groom is more suit to match. In this design, jewelry collocation is biased to the European the. Like crystal, diamonds, pearls are still very contrast, and white can formation more noble and holy, showing more fascinating charm.